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  Be a GeoPal & Get 50% Sharing  
1. Be a GeoPal  
  As a GeoPal, You sell eAds in  Ad PRICE LIST  50% of which is Yours when done.
  Whoever volunteers could be qualified to share profits created. No $ Investment necessary.  
1. GeoPals need to have the PayPal account
  When GeoPal create income, remit the sum to Company & receive back 50% profit via  PayPal.  
  For mutual money transaction with Company. the PayPal accounts be used as the main.  
  For mutual communication, eMails be used and Company's is  as well.  
  50/50 is the Equal Partnership between Company and GeoPal (= G*)  
eAd Members are the eAd Buyers or Sellers
Among eAd Members, some are the 50/50 Partners
They are GeoPals  = G*
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  A G* gets a full 50/50 reward on any BuyNow values created  
  The value is the lowest level & the lot is the widest in range  
  Being a GeoPal is easy  
  GeoPal* is willing and able to help clients to have eAds in State or City.  
  GeoPal* must be able to have a " PayPal " account for Transactions.  
  GeoPal* must be able to handle eMails & attachments.  
  Q & A  
  What should I do?  When do I start?  Where I go? Am I not wasting my time?  
  eMail us to if interested in details  
  50/50 means 50/50 between you and the Company.
Company is ready to work with you right now if you are in U.S.A.( or any available country open )
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  If you are interested in GeoPal* activity, go out there in your town to your clients - business owners -
for the lowest priced eAd as shown in  BuyNow that is incredibly low in all different sizes.
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  GeoPal* may offer Company's offers to all the customers such as
> Lowest commercial eAd prices as printed in BuyNow.
> All the benefits of 
Free Web Site Home Page  / Free Web Site Name / Free Listing in
Free Commodity / service Ads in and
Free Business Classified Ads in
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  Furthermore, what business owners love is the size of the Site,
variety of language community, geographic coverage that goes worldwise.
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