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10 . As 10 fingers cover the window, all the world business fields is divided into 10 in your window.  
  . Your business window is with 10 different languages but English is combined with 10 language and therefore its united.
  . Each of 10 business fields be contained with 10 detailed subdivisions that would reach to 100 business categories.  
Geo . Geographic coverage is global.  
  . Worldwide small business fields of each language with English be covered.  
  . U.S. small business be the global center.  
Com . Geo10.com is commercial, business communication & free to all directory & home page to all worldwide, worldwise.  
  . Commercial partnership be organized worldwide and share profits between Company & GeoPals worldwise 50/50.  
Link . In business, there are 3 types of Ads. Ads for Business itself, Commodity(& Service) Ads and Classified Ads.  
  . Geo10 is for Business Ads itself & links to Comeast.com for Commodity & YouAdFree,com for classified Ads.  
eAd . Free Ads: Free Directory. Free Home Page & Free mini Ads to all.  
  . Sponsored Ads: Any business can buy Ads or thru GeoPals you choose.  
eMail . YouAdFree@gmail.com is the main address for Geo10.com  
  * WHAT //  
Q1 My business is a Small(or M, L, XL) Retail (Wholesaler or Manufacturer or Service) business in nowhere.
Yet I like to advertise my business to ...my town, my city, my state, my country and to the world in any major languages....free of charge! What is Geo10?
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  * WHY //  
Q2 Why should I take Geo10 to advertise my business? What good is it for?  
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  * HOW //  
Q3 How is the Geo10 Ads or Where to start?  
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Tri-Link : Geo10 ↔ ComEast ↔ YouAdfree
WHAT // Three(3) types of Business Ads.
e1-Biz Geo Ads Business Ads itself:......................Biz Name, Biz Portfolio in www.geo10.com more-e1
o1-Commodity Ads Commodity Ads(or Service Ads)..........we separated in.... www.comeast.com more-o1
u1-Classified Ads Business Classified Ads................................also in........ www.youadfree.com more-u1
WHY // Why Free Ads?
e2-Geo10 Why the Free Ads for Biz Name in a State  in www.geo10.com more-e2
o2-ComEast Why the Free Commodity(or Service) Ads in a State in www.comeast.com more-o2
u2-YouAdFree Why the Free Classified Ads as BuySell, Jobs....in a State in www.youadfree.com more-u2
HOW // How to join Free Ads.
e3-Geo10 In a State and or in One Language Ads for Free Listing with HP, Listing etc. more-e3
o3-ComEast In a State and or in One Language Ads for Free Commodity Ads more-o3
u3-YouAdFree In a State and or in One Language Ads for Free Classified Ads more-u3
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